The Thornes


The Thornes came together in April 2009. We were formed from members of The Legend of Dutch Savage, The Golden Calf, Poison Idea and Slough Feg. Before we were in all those bands we were in other bands together such as Bast and Crotch Rocket. We’re going way back on that last one!

We exist to make music that is full of energy and heavy as hell! When we play live it’s loud, fast, and fun while simultaneously huge and shrouded in darkness. We play music that rocks for those who love to rock! If that’s not you, thats all right. I’m sure there are plenty of interesting things on TV tonight for you to wither away to. We’ll see you in the pasture at the end of the line, where we’ll be rocking the bar next door!

Thomas Day – Drums
Scott Cullen – Bass and Vocals
David Alspaugh – Guitar and Vocals
Jim Taylor – Guitar and Vocals
Justin Phelps – Lead Vocals

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