The Latter Day Skanks

The Latter Day Skanks started out as humble Mormons who felt different. After years of self doubt, self torment and self exploration they excommunicated themselves from The Church Of Latter Day Saints and created a much sexier, much stickier and very much offshoot: The Church of Latter Day Skanks. The former abused, tormented and chastised the members for what they were, young, sexy and rebellious. After years of soul searching "The Skanks" have come to Portland to spread their message though raucous and raunchy punk rock Hymns. The bands uses their seductive allure to expose religious lies that have spawned war and hate for centuries. They preach a message of equality and acceptance through satire, skin and of course dick jokes to any and all that will listen. The cross-dressing & hard rocking Latter-Day Skanks guarantee to blow your mind and want to rock your ass. Bring your naughty self to a show and leave your morals, inhibitions and virginity at the door.

Who are they?

The Prophet Josephina Smith – Vox, Bass & Spiritual Guidance

Elder Milfred Trimley – Drums & Mustache Waxing

Elder Bring ‘Em Hung – Guitar, Vox & Personal Training

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