Railhammer Pickups

Railhammers fix the problems of traditional pickup design and they absolutely slay. Railhammer makes 17 different pickup styles and counting, and they are all available through Volume Bomb. Some are ceramic, some are alnico, some are voiced like PAFs, and others like P90s, but they all the have the same basic design: rails under the thick strings and oversized pole pieces under the skinny strings. This focuses the low end of your guitar and makes it more usable, while keeping the high strings sounding fat and warm and not thin like on other designs. In practice, you can turn the bass up on your amp without sounding muddy and these pickups keep drop tuned guitars sounding musical. Pinch harmonics pop, palm muting has definition, the tones they make have great harmonic content. All models are dual coil and there is no hum even with the P90 voiced models. They were definitely developed with dirt in mind, but they also sound great clean. 

What we have in stock:
Chisel Black (Neck and Bridge) $99 each
Hyper Vintage Chrome (Neck and Bridge) $99 each
Anvil Black (Bridge Only) $99
Alnico Grande (Bridge Only) $99
Huevos 90 Humcutter Chrome (Bridge) $99
Cleancut Humcutter Chrome (Neck and Bridge) $99 each
Bill Corgan Chrome (Neck and Bridge) $109 each
Kyle Shutt Chrome (Neck and Bridge) $109 each
Bob Balch Chrome (Bridge) $109

We have these  models installed on guitars right now for you to play:
Bob Balch
Hyper Vintage

And we have these models coming in on guitars soon:
Alnico Grande
Kyle Shutt
Nuevo 90

For more information on available models check out Railhammer's website.