Arkh Guitars Handmade Customs

We got two guitars in from local builder Arkh Guitars: One is a reverse style and the other is a short scale baritone. They are both stunning. Specs and photos below. 

ARKH GRYPHON (Click Photo for more images and specs)

ARKH HARBRINGER BARITONE (Click photo for more image and specs)

Roasted Maple Necks and Other Upgrades

We got the first of our stock Reverends to come in with a roasted maple neck. All bolt-on models are now shipping with them. The roasting process makes the necks more resistant to temperature and humidity changes and has a great texture and color. The input jacks and internal electronics have been updated as well, and there are some minor aesthetic changes. Heres the first one in:

Photo Nov 08, 11 11 38 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 08, 11 12 02 AM.jpg

Belle Epoch Deluxe is finally here

Okay, these are backordered everywhere and we are already down to one left in stock. Here is the quick rundown: it is a digital delay chip with 6 different voices and each has its own modulation style. These range from tape warble, to chorus, to filter sweeping. However, that chip is enclosed in a 22 volt analog preamp that captures the glory of those Echoplex units. It has amazing headroom and it just sounds wide open. It is expression pedal controllable and has a secondary foot switch for runaway oscillation. Catalinbread absolutely killed it. Click the photo to see the official demo from Catalinbread.

Closed July 11-14

I'll be out of town this coming week. If you need to get a hold of me or place a order, please email me at or on our facebook page. I'll respond as soon as I have cell service. 

Tommy Koffin Signature

The Tommy Koffin Signature is based on the Kingbolt platform. It has two Hyper Vintage Railhammer pickups for an aggressive and classic tone. They sound open in the lows without getting muddy or losing articulation. The Wilkinson tremolo is capable of everything from subtle surf vibrato to full dive bombs without going out of tune. The headstock is reversed and comes with either a maple fretboard or rosewood one depending on the color. Like all Reverends, it has a Korina body, locking tuners, and the bass contour knob for focusing the lows. 

Let's get loud

We got two new Hovercrafts! Caribou 50 (Dual depth, FAC, 2-channel, gain has a full range doom setting and a vintage setting that's Supro Thunderbolt based). We've also a modded 1960A Cab (star stencils) with full range speakers and a Matamp grill cloth. Added to the Hovercraft 6X12 we already had and this wall has turned into what I dreamed up as a child. And by child, I mean right now. 

Photo May 11, 12 06 41 PM.jpg


We just received 4 pieces from Jesse Cunningham and they are hung on the walls and available for purchase. Inquire in the store or via email. I've uploaded a few photos below and they hardly do the work justice. 

Photo Apr 27, 12 14 22 PM.jpg

Web Store is launched!

Okay, for all of you people out of state we've now launched our web store. Simple click "Shop" on our website: "Instruments" will take you to our Reverb store and "Everything Else" will take you to our own web store. Simple. You can also do in-store pickup if desired.  

More Guitars On The Way!

Okay, so we kind of went for a theme with this one. All of these are the same body and they all have Wilkinson Tremolos. Three are bolt on necks one is a set neck. These are all really different guitars though: The pickups range from standard P90s to humbuckers to Railhammers. We've got a baritone with a tremolo coming in. These guitars vary from Strat killers with the JS390 to thick rock machines with the Bayonet. 

Jetstream 390

Jetstream 390

Jetstream HB

Jetstream HB

Descent HC90 Baritone

Descent HC90 Baritone

Bayonet RA HC

Bayonet RA HC