42 Ford Prefect

42 Ford Prefect is punk rock and roll formed in Portland, Oregon. They draw on their street punk, thrash, and American rock n roll roots to create a sonic signature that is entirely their own. A spastically crafted wall of fuzz, shotgun vocals, with an absolute lack of subtlety or nuance. Inspired by equal parts science fiction, whiskey, and horror, their songs use the imagery of fiction to express an uncompromising rage at both conservatism and pop-culture. There’s comedy here too, but don’t discount them for having a laugh: these songs are heartfelt and they come across as anthems.

42 Ford Prefect consists of Keith (guitar/vox), Jesse (drums/vox), and Patrick (guitar/vox). Follow them on Facebook @42FordPrefect

This is detritus, this is waste, this is a poison that you call faith,
This is betrayal, it’s a crime, you’re a traitor to modern times,
This is the answer and it’s no joke, it’s a dagger dragged across your throat.
– 42 Ford Prefect “The Answer”


Lab Disasters and Death Cults
Clear And Black Marbled Vinyl
Released Halloween 2016

Side A: 
1. Make Room! Make Room! 
2. Bathe Me In Blood
3. The Howl
4. Zaphod Stole My Hot Rod
5. Civilian Casualties
6. Killing Word
7. Vow Breaker 

Side B: 
1. Cowboy Beelzebop
2. Call Of The Dive
3. Burn The Bridges
4. Space Boy Manifesto
5. Where Are All The Old Man Bars
6. The Answer

“42 Ford Prefect: Roughly aggressive, the speed punk of this band has the power to send your body into spastic convolutions of punk joy.”
— By The Light Of The Stereo
“If Quentin Tarantino Made Star Wars, this would be the theme.”
— Topless Robot
“Seeing a 42 Ford Prefect show is not only impressive, it’s an incredibly loud experience.”
— National Rock Review
“… bounces between Northern California vats punk and Midwestern hardcore with, as Donny Osmond would say, ‘a little bit rock’n’roll’ veined through thrashy beats, brittle guitars, and raw production. They seem to be enjoying themselves and it comes across on wax.”
— Razor Cake